Mani Ghadamkheir, Mahboubeh Mahmoudzadeh, A Study of Institutions in Dickens’s Bleak House as a Representation of Foucault’s Disciplinary Society, ILSHS Volume 70, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 70)
    This study employs Foucault's views on the strategies of power to analyze that the institutional world of <i>Bleak House</i> makes a disciplinary structure. The intrusion of these institutions in all strata of society in the novel, from the aristocratic Dedlocks to the poor area of Tom-All-Alone shapes a panoptic structure in which everyone is visible through a permanent and omniscient gaze. Under the matrix of various institutions almost all the characters in the novel, directly or indirectly, are trapped and engaged. This study shows the modernity of Dickens views on power relations in society and gives readers new maps to read <i>Bleak House </i>and new perspectives from which to view it.
    <i>Bleak House</i>, Dickens, Discipline, Foucault, Institutions