Liliya Ponomaryova, Semantic Restrictions of Forming Derivative Nouns in the Class of the Process Verbs, ILSHS Volume 70, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 70)
    Studying structural, phono-morphological, semantic, stylistic, word-forming and lexical conformities regulating syntagmatic connections in word-formation, requires studying system restrictions of the word-forming morphemes combinability, predetermined by the meaning of a word sign as well. The aim of the article is to identify semantic restrictions and those close to them in forming deverbative nouns from the process verbs. It was defined that such kinds of restrictions as semantic, semantic-pragmatic, semantic-stylistic, lexical and structural-morphological can counteract the possibility of the process verbs to take part in derivation processes. Semantic restrictions are located at the level of syntagmatic, differentiating semes and the abstract subcategoric seme “becoming”. Aspect semes don’t influence the possibility of the process verbs to take part in the word formation processes. Semantic restrictions can be predetermined both by the presence and by the absence of definite semes in a semantic structure of a word.
    Restrictions in Word Formation, Types of Semantic Restrictions, Word Formation, Word Forming Powers of Process Verbs