Liliya Ponomaryova, Elena Osadcha, Development of the Phonetic Skills in German as the Second Foreign Language on the Basis of the English Language, ILSHS Volume 70, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 70)
    The problems of forming phonetic skills of the German language which is studied on the basis of the English language have been considered. The aim of this research is to make the comparative analysis of the phonetic aspects of the foreign languages that are taught one after another. There has been the attempt to analyze, generalize and systematize the material on the given topic which is presented in works in German, English, Ukrainian and Russian on the main theoretical questions connected with the process of teaching the second foreign language. It was shown that while forming phonetic skills in German, it is necessary to give the characteristics to the phonetic, rhythmic and intonation peculiarities of both German and English; to point out the difficulties of mastering the pronunciation system of German, to develop the introductory course and the material for phonetic warming-up and to work out the algorithm of introducing a new sound.
    Facilitation, Interference, Methods of Teaching, Phonetic Skills, Second Foreign Language, Specific Teaching Conditions