Husain Abdulhay, Use of Single- vs. Multi-Word Verbs in the Written Discourse of Iranian EFL Learners, ILSHS Volume 69, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 69)
    Age is being evermore complained as an impediment to language competency, either given as a pretext or raised as a real challenge, taken for granted by foreign language learners. This study seeks to prod about the verb choices among EFL learners. In so doing, the two completely different radiuses of EFL learners, a group of university students in distance education, with part-time class participation and another from a private language institute in Qom province were recruited and compared on their choices of verbs in respect of single- and multi-word forms put into the written tasks. The results of the rating of the students’ assignments showed that adult Iranian EFL learners’ written language was deprived of phrasal verbs, even in informal writing assigned the use of informal language were scarcely captured. The study corroborates the former studies for the avoidance and incompetency of EFL learners in the use of phrasal verbs.
    Age, Phrasal Verb, Single-Word Verb, Written Discourse