Oleg Tarnopolsky, Designing an Elementary Course of English for Adults at Commercial English Schools and Centers in Ukraine on the Basis of the Communicative-Analytic Method, ILSHS Volume 69, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 69)
    The paper discusses a many-year-long experience of designing and using an elementary course of oral everyday communication when teaching English to adults who have previously finished an introductory (preparatory) course of that language and are principally oriented towards acquiring the skills of oral communication in English. The article is the continuation of the preceding article published in the <i>International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences</i>, and it discloses the way of practical implementation on the elementary level of language education of the communicative-analytic method substantiated in that previous paper. The elementary course analyzed in the article is created for the beginner’s stage of learning English by those adults who desire to acquire it outside university language programs – for instance, in different kinds of commercial language schools and centers. The developed elementary course of oral everyday communication is structured on the basis of communicative-analytic approach with the equilibrium of communicative and language form-focused learning activities. Communicativeness is implemented by way of following Lewis’s lexical approach and methods of intensive language teaching developed by Losanov. The course of 56 two-hour classes precedes the pre-intermediate course of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English and follows a very short two month-long introductory course.
    Communicative-Analytic Approach, Elementary Course of Oral Everyday Communication in English, Equilibrium of Communicative Form-Focused Learning Activities, Equilibrium of Language Form-Focused Learning Activities, Teaching English to Adults who Learn it at Commercial Language Centers, Teaching English to Adults who Learn it at Commercial Language Schools