Tamara Dmitrenko, Tatjana Lavryk, Ekaterina Yaresko, Pedagogical Conditions as a Subject for Scientific Research in Ukraine: Nature, Structure, Characteristics, and Functions, ILSHS Volume 69, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 69)
    The article describes the essence of the pedagogical conditions as the subject of scientific research in Ukraine. The authors consider the relationship of pedagogical conditions with the problem of the study, with the means of its solutions, and identify the binary nature of the pedagogical conditions. The article discusses features of pedagogical conditions: universality, instrumentality, addressing study problems, continuity, hierarchy, integration, adaptability. The authors determine the functions of pedagogical conditions: to implement the connection of the optimization theory with practice; to be an instrument for solving problems in the study; to be a means of integration of the scientific research; to influence the technology of the processes in the educational system in order to increase efficiency.
    Optimization, Pedagogical Conditions, Pedagogical Process, Pedagogical System, Subject of Research