T.P. Vorova, Peculiarities of the Structure and Distinctive Features of the Interpretation in “Motley Tales with Witticisms” by V. F. Odoyevsky, ILSHS Volume 67, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 67)
    Prince V.F. Odoyevsky (1803-1869) was the Russian writer, philosopher, musicologist and subtle musical critic, public figure, founder of «Society of philosophy-lovers» and author of «Motley Tales with Witticisms», fascinating monument of native culture; the book was published only once during the life of the writer and afterwards was not republished as the cycle. In literary criticism «Motley Tales» as the unified and important cycle by V.F. Odoyevsky were given scant coverage, although this literary work marked the beginning of new period in the writer’s oeuvre; an image of narrator Homoseyko is especially interesting because it is not only the intellectual hero, but also the alter ego of the writer. «Motley Tales» manifest a unique opportunity of watching the rising of themes and motives which will be revealed in the writer’s creation later, as well as following the formation of philosophical, aesthetic and artistic principles of author, as his fairy tales include the patterns of philosophical grotesque, social and moralizing story, folklore/psychological fantasy.
    Alchemy, Fairy Tale, Hermetism, Image-Symbol, Narrator, Sybolism of Numbers, Writer’s Alter Ego