Oleksandr G. Koshovyi, Olena Yu. Krasovska, Institutional Sport Reform in the Context of Enhancing Investment Attractiveness of Ukraine's Sports Sector, ILSHS Volume 67, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 67)
    The article deals with the system reformation of Ukrainian sport industry. The changes, providing the confidence of institutional and private investors are revealed. The main areas of reform that will promote the establishment of an independent and investment attractive sports sector are defined. The authors have analyzed the origins of existing problems of organization principles of sport in Ukraine that hinder its development and transformation from vestiges of communism to self-sustaining competitive segment of Ukraine's economy integrated into the global and European sports community. The legal and economic institutional model for further development of sport in Ukraine needed to sustain the interest of investors has been proposed.
    Institutional Investors, Institutional Reformation, Private Investors, Ukrainian Sports Sector