Tatyana Frolova, Igor Titarenko, Lyudmila Zakharova, Peculiarities of Childrencare and Psycho-Pedagogical Rehabilitation of Children Born from HIV-Positive Parents, ILSHS Volume 69, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 69)
    This article analyzes the experience in psychological and educational rehabilitation of children born from HIV-positive parents in the age from 2 months to 7 years. Working with children in this category is held in the Regional Specialized Children's Home “Zelenyy Нay”, Ukraine, Kharkov.The article describes the features of the rehabilitation and education of such children. In the literature, this problem is almost not covered. Therefore, the work was carried out individually with each child and the methods of pedagogical activity and social adaptation of children have been improved. It has been revealed that the children who had the coefficient of intellectual development close to normal children had undue fatiguability associated with a primary diagnosis. Taking into account this feature of children born from HIV-positive parents, changes were made in the structure of employment, the schedule of the day and individual approaches to each child.
    Children Born from HIV-Positive Parents, Disclosure of HIV-Positive Status, Psycho-Pedagogical Rehabilitation, Social Adaptation