Galyna Miasoid, Pedagogical Conditions of Development of Social Worker Communication Culture in Post-Qualifying Training, Volume 68, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 68)
    The paper addresses the problem of underdeveloped communication culture of social workers in Ukraine. The term of ‘social worker communication culture’ has been defined and its components have been listed. The criteria, parameters and development levels of social worker communication culture have been examined. Summative assessment has shown through the combination of quantitative and qualitative data analyses that communication culture of social workers in Ukraine should be improved urgently. The pedagogical conditions of social worker communication culture development and the suggested methodology have been substantiated and verified in a post-qualifying training. The obtained results can be of help when designing the training programmes for social workers in the Social Welfare System in Ukraine and other developing countries undergoing social and economic reforms.
    Behavioural Component, Communication Culture, Communication Skills, Interaction Skills, Motivational-Value Component, Motivations, Perception Skills, Professional Ethic Qualities, Social Work, Social Worker Communication Culture, Values