Olga Zolotaryova, Influence of Social Responsibility of the Enterprise on the Individual Labor Mobility, ILSHS Volume 65, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 65)
    The main purpose of the article to justify the need to consider the influence of social responsibility of the enterprise on individual labor mobility and the prospects of using the tools of social responsibility for the formation of positive trends in individual labor mobility and ensuring the development of the enterprise. In the article the essence of the category of "social responsibility" is defined, the foreign and domestic experience in the field of social responsibility is investigated, the main strategic objectives and tools of social responsibility of the enterprise in different countries are considered. Statistical data on the labor market in Ukraine over the past five years are shown, which pointing negative trends in individual labor mobility. Proposals for greater use of the tools of social responsibility of the company and changing these trends are made. Problems faced by the enterprise on the path to this are concretized. The State's role in removing these barriers is explaned.
    Development, Enterprise, Individual Labor Mobility, Influence, Social Responsibility, Strategy, Tools, Workers