Shafei Reza, Eftekhar Azadeh, The Effect of Social, Economic and Cultural Variables on the Lack of Interest in Liability Insurance in "Case Study" of Sanandaj, ILSHS Volume 65, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 65)
    This article was done with the aim of surveying the effect of social, economic and cultural variables on the lack of interest in liability insurance (responsibility) of Sanandaj. This study is a kind of practical research and it’s also descriptive with the correlation method of information collection (amassment). The statistic society of the research is all of the engineers, doctors and contractors of Sanandaj that don't use the liability insurance. They were about 650 persons which according to the limitation of statistic society checking (scrutiny), 250 persons were chosen by the random sampling which finally 241 persons took place in the research process. For research data collection, the substantiated questionnaire consisted of 24 locutions and 3 cultural, economic and social scales (criterions) was used based upon the Likret’s five-point spectrum. According to the analysis of collected data, the results showed that the economic and cultural factors have a negative effect on the liability insurance, and totally with the cultural and economic condition increment, the lake of interest in liability insurance will decrease.
    Cultural Factors, Economic Factors, Liability Insurance, Sanandaj, Social Factors