Parviz Kafcheh, Bahia Lotfi, Survey the Relation between Social Capital and Organizational Silence (Study about: The Employees of Governmental Organizations in Marivan), Volume 65, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 65)
    This article aims to survey the relation of social capital of employees and their organizational silence in governmental organizations of Marivan in 1994. The statistics society of the research was consisted of all employees in governmental organizations of Marivan (600), that 377 persons was determined as statistics sample. The method of the research was descriptive with from the correlation style. The information (data) collector tool was two questionnaires of Nahapieta & Ghoshal (1998) and the Organizational Silence questionnaire of Pinder and Harlos model (2001). The validity of questionnaire was orderly measured 0/86 and 0/83. The gathered data was measured and analysed by using the statistic tests after Regression analysis. The results of Regression analysis illustrate that two dimensions of social capital are purely specifying (explaining) 58 percent of Organizational Silence variance, and the variable of organizational structure of employees is being studied with the most effective and determinative factor on Organizational Silence in society, this factor is reversely explaining the 63 percent of dependent variable changes; and the variable of relational capital of employees is the second effective factor on Organizational Silence in society which is being studied, this factor also explaining 19 percent of dependent variable changes.
    Governmental Organizations, Marivan City, Organizational Silence, Social Capital