Kęstutis Peleckis, Assessment of Bargaining Power in Preparation of International Business Negotiations Strategies: Case of Wholesale Trade, ILSHS Volume 65, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 65)
    Recently businesses need to find the new ways to ensure business growth and competitiveness in the international market. Cultural diversity of international business brings new challenges in the development and implementation of negotiation strategies of businesses, in cooperation with foreign partners. At present business solutions are used for development and implementation of negotiating strategies for international business, which are not universally suitable for business development in all situations in context of globalization, with current challenges, which are characterized by increasing risk, uncertainty and cultural differences. New challenges in international business negotiations are caused by formation of common cultural and information space in a global scale, the new demands for information technology progress in development of international competition and accelerating innovation processes. International business negotiation strategy development and implementation are setting the essential features and causal relations and is relevant in practice by creating in each negotiation case the unique negotiation strategy, focused on maximizing the effectiveness of the international business with the aim of more efficient use of business negotiation potential – the negotiating power. In scientific problem solving it is necessary to offer such instruments, which would take into account bargaining power of participants in negotiations, and would allow real implementation of business strategies and constitute an appropriate contribution to their development. The article aims - to design a theoretical model for preparing and implementing strategies of international business negotiations, based on evaluations of bargaining powers and to verify experimentally its relevance and applicability.
    Bargaining Power, Bargaining Power Assessment, Negotiation, Negotiations Support, Strategic Decisions, Wholesale Trade