T.P. Vorova, N.V. Pidmogylna, O.I. Romanova, Short Excursus into the History of the Russian Symbolism Origin, ILSHS Volume 63, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 63)
    Being well-known nowadays as the Silver Age of Russian literature, Russian symbolism is an extraordinary phenomenon of spiritual life at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th<sup> </sup>centuries. This essay aims to study the appearance and development of Russian symbolism as a result of revaluation of cultural wealth in philosophy / art and stimulation of the appropriate rise of the certain aesthetic systems which were embodied in the literary works of that period. The current study introduces a new approach to the origin of this trend and represents the new tendencies in Russian symbolist novels which were beyond the artistic movements of that epoch. The sources of symbolist literature are traced in the principles of esoteric theory and its basic postulates. The results of the investigation and received conclusions are confirmed with the direct textual references from the novels of the writer who proves to be a forerunner of literature with bright mystical orientation.
    Modernism, Philosophy of F. Nietzsche, Philosophy of Vl. Solovyov, Russian Symbolism, Sociocultural Context, Symbolist Novels by Vs. Solovyov