Renilda A. Magsino, Ester T. Edralin, Felecitas C. Tuazon, Viability of an Economic Housing for the Elderly: Input for a Residential Care Facility in Mandaluyong, ILSHS Volume 63, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 63)
    This interdisciplinary, mixed-method research using the explanatory sequential design was undertaken to study one sector of the elderly community’s living condition in Mandaluyong City to determine the viability of putting up a privately-funded residential and care facility for them. Sixty-nine senior citizens were surveyed by a group of 4<sup>th</sup> year business students in 2013 for their feasibility study about an economic housing for the elderly, using a government-published questionnaire. Raw data from these instruments were, by mutual agreement used for this study. Analysis showed that the demographics from the instruments matched with the local government statistics. It was also found out that some respondents who have some source of modest income but feel neglected and lonely signified desire to live in a more quiet, modest but decent living facility away from their noisy and chaotic home environment. Literature search also showed numerous laws, bills, plans, and other government initiatives that provide assistance for the welfare of the elderly. These could be used in addressing or providing ideas to solve the problem at hand. A privately-funded facility proposed under the undergraduate feasibility study was therefore found economically viable after review in the areas of marketing, technical and financial aspects and that government interference was proposed to be solicited. Initially, the findings of this study was formally presented before the officials of Barangay Hulo, Mandaluyong City last May 7, 2015 as an extension project for the concerned elderly of the community. More than 50 senior citizens attended the presentation. Feedback from stakeholders was promising.
    Assisted Homes, Explanatory Sequential Design, Interdisciplinary Research, Mixed Method, Senior Citizens