Nasser Ghasemi Rozveh, Aida Danaye, Sindbad Myth in the Poem by Khalil Hawi, ILSHS Volume 64, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 64)
    Extensive use of mystery and myth as a means of expression is one of the most eminent artistic phenomena at new poetry experiences. The reflection of myths in poetry, is the most beautiful and artistic application of mythmaking. With reflection of myths, the mythological world became the parade ground for poet`s imagination and creation and also for mythmaker writer, so it can link past and present, and by this way shows social and political deductions and perceptions for readers, and fulfills human art and cultural needs. Also, Arab current poets used of Arabic and even other old nation`s myths, and expressed their thoughts and ideas by using these myths with respect to environment and circumstances. This paper aims to study the most dominant myths in Khalil Hawie`s poems, beside defining idiomatic and lexical of myth.
    Khalil Hawi, Modern Arabic, Myth