Masoud Keimasi, Hasti Chitsazan, Organizational E-Readiness Web: A Model for Evaluating E-Readiness of Iranian Commercial Banks in Order to Develop E-Banking, ILSHS Volume 64, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 64)
    E-banking through mutual benefits for customers and banks has become a necessity in the banking industry nowadays. In spite of this, e-banking has not spread in Iran as it is appropriate.In a general categorization it can be said that E-readiness of banks and environmental e-readiness are two effective factors on development of e-banking which have been referred in different studies some models have been proposed in this regard in macro industries and others. However, no specific model has been proposed for the banks. This paper focuses on the first factor of "organizational e-readiness ".therefore, the main question of this study is that according to which model and toolthe state banks’ readiness are evaluated in the field of development of e-banking in the state banks and how much is the current state of e-readiness of banks in this areaAccordingly, a model is presented as an organizational e-readiness web in this research, reviewing the organizational e-readiness evaluation models, and carried out research to identify organizational barriers and motivators of business/ e-banking development. According to the introduced dimensions, the banks enjoy relative readiness for the development of e-banking.
    E-Banking, Organizational E-Readiness, Organizational E-Readiness Web Model