Soma Aminvaziri, Mansour Irandoost, Surveying Relationship between Biorhythm and Making Error in Buying Stock in Tehran Stock Exchange, ILSHS Volume 64, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 64)
    Biorhythm is defined as any repeated pattern of physical, emotional, and intellectual activities which some believe to affect human’s behavior. This article studies relationship between Biorhythm, 3 dimensions of Biorhythm (Emotional, Physical and Intellectual) and making error in buying stock in Tehran stock exchange. Statistical population of the present study includes all stock buyers in stock exchange at 2014 that of these 312 buyers selected randomly as sample. This research is applicable in terms of goal and descriptive from solidarity category in terms of methodology and is survey in terms of collecting data. For research hypothesis test, Phi & Cramer's test was used because both of indexes are nominal. Results show there is a meaningful relationship between critical manners in Biorhythm (Emotional, Physical and Intellectual) and error in buying stock (the one that should not be bought) in Tehran stock exchange.
    Biorhythm, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Stock