Gohar Pourahmadi, Arman Ahmadizad, The Relationship between Internal Organizational Trust and Job Engagement in Higher Education, ILSHS Volume 64, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 64)
    This research is designed to identify the relationship between internal organizational trust and job engagement in Higher Education of Kurdistan and Islamic Azad Higher Education in Sanandaj. We have used Shakli Zalbak’s questionnaire (2000) to measure internal organizational trust and Schaufeli and Bakker’s questionnaire (2003) to identify job engagement. The population is Kurdistan Higher Education and Islamic Azad staffs which are 475 people and we have chosen 212 statistical samples by using Cochran formula and random sampling. This research is based on practical purpose and descriptive collection method is correlation. We have used questionnaire to gather information. We have analyzed information by Pearson’s correlation coefficient and multiple regression analysis. The result of hypotheses shows that there is significant and direct relationship between internal organizational trust and job engagement. The result of regression analysis shows that explicit environment determined 49 percent of job engagement variance. The sense of identity of organization and the sense ofattention from colleagues, managers and organization determine 26 and 18 percent of job engagement variance.
    Higher Education of Kurdistan, Internal Organizational Trust, Isalamic Azad Higher Education of Sanandaj, Job Engagement