Nirmal Kumar Betchoo, Research for all, an Initiative to Promote Research in the Mauritian Society, ILSHS Volume 64, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 64)
    At a time when leaders are globally discussing of the impact of climate change on the environment, it has become a necessity for strategists to think of democratising research to enable the wider community to get opportunities to undertake and participate in research. Very often, this aspect is dismissed and the lack of citizen involvement in research leaves a majority as users of models prescribed by knowledgeable people. This paper addresses a broad concept ‘Research for All’ with the intention of sensitising information on allowing the community to develop, create and contribute to research in a meaningful way since bright ideas sometimes come from the community and these are commercialised by researchers. The effort of the community is usually underestimated with biased thoughts like they are not deep enough to be claimed as research but, in essence, have their contribution in society. The paper focus is on initiatives to democratise research and see how the wider community provides useful input to innovation, research and development.
    Community, Involvement, Mauritius, Research, Society