Ali Abdulrazig Uossif Alfilani, Biopsychosocial Implications Related to the Breast Cancer in Women, ILSHS Volume 63, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 63)
    Breast Cancer is among the most common cancer in women. Breast Cancer’s aggressiveness truly depends on the age of patient, status of lymph node and size of the tumor. Prognosis may the unfavorable if the age of woman is under 35. Breast cancer, usually, is diagnosed when it is in the advance stage. Looking at all the aspects, this paper analyzes and identifies the socio-economic, psychological and biological implications for the breast cancer in women. In order to meet the objective, the paper applies the qualitative approach and reads all the available literature to find the answers. The results of surveying all the available literature depicts that detection of this cancer at earliest stages is in the benefit of the patient. This benefit is not in case of medical/bio reasons only but also for socio-economic and psychological perspectives. This paper further finds that if the cancer diagnosed in the earliest stages, it not only shorten the hospitalized period but also save a handsome amount of treatment, give satisfactory psychological comforts and a very good life prognosis that results into a rapid familial and social reintegration.
    Biological Consequences, Breast Cancer, Psychological Impact, Socio-Economic Implications, Young Women