Alexandru Trifu, Loredana Terec-Vlad, Understanding the Transhumance and Migration as Phase in the Humanity Cycles, ILSHS Volume 63, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 63)
    The human society evolves and develops according either to intrinsic (natural) laws and to so-called laws of motion imposed by the challenges, impulses, came from the actions of different components of it.The analysis conducted in this paper is considered as a precursor of the sequences of the human activities, or humanity general speaking, from ancient times, through the present times and towards the new trends in the theory of knowledge, in the manner of the discovery of what is "beyond’ ("trans”) humanity and the implications in the day-to-day life.Even this process is declining today, it is very important, not only for the pastoral and rural traditions, but also for the health status of population. Eco and bio-products from healthy livestock, living in healthy natural environment, that is on way to go in order to preserve life and health of the people.We’ve questioned also aspects of the superior level of transhumance: people migration, as a pulse motion and its impact on the daily facts and even some remarks on the refugees as ultimate stage of the migration (with intention to establish and work in the new locations).
    Cycles of Life, Migration, Refugees, Transhumance, Win-Win Strategy