Viktor Tarasevych, Volodymyr Bilotserkivets, About Substance and Crisis of the Modern Confidence, Volume 63, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 63)
    The article discusses problems phenomenon of confidence in science and practice in the conditions historical development and modern economy. The features forming of the confidence “triangle” are shown, three main senses of confidence (faith, correctly and devoted as truly) are certain: The evolution, matter and crisis confidence relations are considered. The attention is accented to institutional component of confidence “triangle” and internal reasons, signs of confidence crisis. On the basis research phenomena of confidence have been identified and analyzed traditional confidence and modern confidence, confidence's embryonic state, meta-instinctive, proto-institutional, untraditional and innovative confidence's parts.
    Behavior, Confidence's “Triangle”, Instinct, Institutes, Modern Confidence