Mahdi Dahmardeh, Amir Nemati Limaee, Foreign Languages: A Gate from the Past to the Present, Volume 63, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 63)
    Persia has got an ancient, very rich history and civilisation. This has resulted into widespread relations between Persians and other nations along history. As a result, besides the Persian language which has been used to communicate by different people settled in this territory, befitting a time and era, a variety of foreign languages have become popular. By the means of historical research, this article aims to discuss foreign languages in Persia and their changes in different eras, from the past to the present. Having considered historical documents and existing knowledge, it has been realised that the number of languages that used to be spoken during the Persian history as well as their diversity is very impressive.<i></i>
    Foreign Languages, History, Iran, Persia