Sara Mirmobin, Ensieh Shabanirad, Interpretation of Dreams and Kafka's A Country Doctor: A Psychoanalytic Reading, Volume 63, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 63)
    Dreams are so real that one cannot easily distinguish them from reality. We feel disappointed after waking up from a fascinating dream and rejoice to wake up knowing the nightmare is ended. In some literary works the line between fancy and reality is blurred as well, so it provides the opportunity to ponder on them psychologically. The plot of some of the poems, novels, novellas, dramas and short stories is centered on the minds, thoughts, or generally speaking, human psyche. This essay elaborates upon the "nightmarish"-rather than dreamlike-story, Kafka's <i>A Country Doctor</i>, by applying psychological approach. It seeks to discuss the interpretation of some of the incidents of the story according to Freud's "The Interpretations of Dreams". Also, the id, ego and superego, the three parts of Freudian psychic apparatus, as well as their identification with the related characters are discussed.
    <i>A Country Doctor</i>, Dreams, Freud, Kafka, Psychological Approach