Zahra Farhadikhah, Sayed Mohamad Hasan Husseini, A Review of Methods and Models of Technology Transfer, ILSHS Volume 62, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 62)
    Technology transfer is a complex and sensitive process, if not conducted through awareness and research will entail hefty and immense costs and losses. Since the audience of this process are mostly in developing countries, it can be stated that studying and investigating the trend of most technologies transferred to the developing countries commonly indicates the weaknesses that due to unawareness of the conditions and existing needs and also policies and objectives the technology transferors follow could lead to irreparable failures, thus inhibiting the applicant from accessing the technology itself. The importance of technology transfer and its role in the industrial development of countries and filling of the technology gap between the developing and developed countries is inevitable. Technology transfer is conducted in various ways based on the conditions of the receptors and donors of technology. In this paper, the process of technology transfer and types of relevant methods that would lead to effective technology transfer are going to be elaborated. Also, models related to technology transfer will be examined
    Technology, Technology Components, Technology Transfer