Muhammad Rehan Masoom, Islam and Contemporary Society: Emerging Paradigms to Explain Muslim Communities, ILSHS Volume 62, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 62)
    There is hardly any country, where most of the people do not follow a particular religious view, but no other religious groups need to address so many controversies as the Muslims do. Islam is no more merely a religion; it is a political agenda, a manifestation of orthodoxy, an enticement to establish particular ideology and many more. Islam has integrated a variety of political and social facet into it; hence diversity in comprehension emerged. Various scholars analyzed numerous aspects of Islam. This paper attempts to narrate the most imperative aspects of Islam in the modern day and tries to delineate the significant role that Islam plays in the life and living of individuals of all around the world.
    Islam, Islamism, Jihad, Politics, Suicide Bombing