Meerasahibu Abdul Jabbar, Thaharadeen Fathima Sajeetha, The Role of Bureaucracy in Building Rural Development: A Study of Addalaichenai Divisional Secretariat, Sri Lanka, ILSHS Volume 62, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 62)
    This study examines the role of bureaucracy in building rural development especially Addalaichenai Divisional Secretariat. Rural development is a very important aspect of development progress in a country. Development of the country has to begin from the rural or villages and it depends on the development of its villages. For that every government makes the development policies and gives the authority to the bureaucratic organizations to implement these policies including the grass root level. The main objective of this study to identify the major role of Addalaichenai Divisional Secretariat which is one of the bureaucratic organization to generate the rural development. This study is based on both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative and quantitative data are gathered by using primary and secondary sources. Primary data is gathered from qualitative interviews, structured questionnaire and limited observation. The secondary data is gathered through published books, research and internet articles. Collected data from different sources as mentioned above is analyzed using qualitative and quantitative methods and it is presented using texts, tables and charts. This research finds out that Addalaichenai Divisional Secretariat obtains the main role in building rural development and identifies the barriers which affect in this progress such as lack of political will and stakeholders support, insufficient resources and capacity, climate change, absence of rural representation and unequal treatment, lack of community involvement and people’s perception, lack of awareness and traditional society.
    Bureaucracy, Public Service Delivery, Public Services, Rural Development