Behnam Heshmati, Saied Mohamad Musavi Jed, Relationship of Psychological Contract and Employees' Job Engagement (An Investigation of the Millennium Generation and the Impacts of Various Generations), ILSHS Volume 62, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 62)
    The current paper was administered with the aim of examining the relationship between the psychological contract fulfillment and the employees' job engagement at the Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch (Investigation of the millennium generation and the impact of various generations). For this purpose, all the employeesof this university were examined as the statistical universe. This study, methodologically speaking, is a descriptive research of correlation type, of applied nature in terms of goal, and of survey information in terms of collection manner while temporally it is latitude-periodic. To measure the fundamental concepts of the research, the Rousseau Psychological Questionnaire (including 9 questions) and the Wiley and et al's Job Engagement (in 12 questions) were applied. The questionnaires' reliability in form of Cronbach's alpha was calculated as 0/953 for the psychological contract and 0/872 for ye job engagement. The final findings in the SPSS software suggest the existence of a significant relationship between the psychological contract and its dimensions (officials' thoughts, officials' obligations and act upon the promises made by the officials) with the employees' job engagement of the Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch. The results from the research findings indicate that there is a lack of relation between psychological contracts and job engagement and the millennium generation and various generations. In the analysis of the multiple regression results, the variable of officials' obligation among other dimensions of the variable of the psychological contract has the highest level of influence on the employees' job engagement while there is no strong relation between the various generations and the millennium generation with the psychological contract and job engagement.
    Act upon Officials' Promises, Job Engagement, Obligations, Officials, Psychological Contract, Various Generations