Michael Li, Governance of Citizen Participation and its Related Concepts: A Review of Literature, ILSHS Volume 61, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 61)
    This article reviews the concept of citizen participatory governance or citizen participation in public policy-making, a new mode of institutional arrangement increasingly becoming popular in many industrialized democracies. The governance of citizen participation may take different forms, and past studies used different terms in describing the concept. This article take a brief look at various forms of citizen participation (citizen participation in budgeting, collaborative governance, public-private partnership, and citizen coproduction of public service) and explain their concepts as demonstrated in prior research. In a nutshell, this article conclude that these various forms of citizen participation are not well conceptualized in the past literature and calls for future research in this research area with growing importance.
    Citizen Coproduction, Citizen Participation, Collaborative Governance, Public-Private Partnership