Shaqayeq Moqari, Nooshin Elahipanah, Collective Unconscious and Characterization of Berenger as the Victim of Collective Unconscious, ILSHS Volume 60, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 60)
    The present article is a study of character of Berenger in Ionesco’s play the <i>Rhinoceros</i>. In fact he is a victim of collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is very significant in the psychology of Jung. It is generated and fashioned by us all. This indicates that it is in each of us like a massive container of the archetypes of the entire humanity. It is reachable by everyone. Berenger is different in the play from others. He does not act according to collective unconscious that many people share. When other characters act according to the norms of collective unconscious, Beregner does not, this makes him different from others and he stands and resists temptation. Others change to their animalistic form while he remains human. In fact, he is a victim of the collective unconscious which makes him suffer loneliness among crowd of people.
    Berenger, Collective Unconscious, Loneliness, Victim