Gholamreza Jandaghi, Jabbar Babashahi, Roya Kavoosi, A Framework for Identifying the Competencies of Senior Production Managers of Holding Companies (The Case of Golrang Industrial Group), ILSHS Volume 60, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 60)
    Today the need of identify ways for increasing competitive advantage is more tangible because the business world have been increasingly changed. A successful organization is an organization where human resources have the required competencies to achieve business success and the strategic objectives of the organization. so the competency-based human resource management becomes important.The first step in this area is to identify key competencies of managers .Many studies have been done in this area to provide a human resource competency model for organization. National prospect of Iran is having important goals, such as becoming the first power of economic, science and technology in the region and to engage constructively and effectively in international relations, for achieving these goals we requires competent managers in the public and private sector organizations.Competency models, which should be designed for all key positions in the company, show what competencies are necessary for individual position(s). The question is what the key competencies for each position are. Main objective of this paper is to offers a framework to identify and prioritize Senior Product Managers competencies at Golrang Industrial Group.
    Competencies, Golrang Industrial Group, Holding Companies, Identifying