Dmitriy Viter, Olga Brezhneva-Yermolenko, Neoliberal Ideology for Transitive Economic: Capitalism vs Socialism, ILSHS Volume 59, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 59)
    Contemporary world gained the important experience of the inevitability of a systemic crisis which arising under any circumstances, including the case of suppression of individual principles, individual freedom, which is opposed by neoliberalism. In framework of its basic tenets, the objectification of competition in view of the unpredictability of its results to the public – the notional value in aspect of aspiration of the system to be stable. It requires no less strict regulation, and especially the public, the economy in a capitalist society, than in socialism, the purpose of which is (at the same in both cases) suppression of individual, which implemented in various forms: rise of collective in the socialism and manipulation of individual in the capitalism.
    Capitalism, Neoliberalism, Socialism, Transitive Economy