Narges Roozbeh, Ali Nikseresht, Teaching Universal Themes through Enactment to Students, Volume 59, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 59)
    If a teacher teaches universal themes to her students, they will make a good society in future. If they are taught love, sympathy, justice, friendship, forgiveness, genericity, kindness, peace, the world will be a safe place to live. The world will build itself according to peace and stability if we teach students, who will run the world tomorrow, universal themes. As teachers we have taken into account this and have conveyed universal themes to our student and to our consternation they come to love each other more than before. This requires that we should create a lovely atmosphere for the students to feel they are important as members of the society. It is interesting that we made use of great poems which preach universal themes and concepts. Teaching students to enact help each other in class makes them help each other in time of need which makes them friends indeed. After teaching universal themes we found that they came to think universally and felt sympathy towards people who were treated badly. By shifting attention from local issues to universal concepts teachers will be able to expand their students’ horizons of expectation and students will be more responsible and committed in their lives.
    Children, Enactment, Love, Peace, Teaching, Themes, Universal Themes