Ikechukwu Nwakaeze Ogugua, Religion and the Women Leadership Question (A Philosophical Approach), ILSHS Volume 59, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 59)
    Culture is a wider matrix than religion. The relation of male to female in Africa is cultural and metaphysical. The concept of womanhood is set as an appendix, hence derived from the concept of manhood, little surprising, how other structures socio-political are patterned that way reflecting the role of man making the world a masculine one. The society is a mystery of man.I think what religion suggests is the putting in place of the structures necessary for realization of human potentialities and development of virtues such as love, justice, peace, prudence justice, etc. Religion did not deny that there may be areas of overlap as regards some qualities, characteristics or abilities in both sexes. Even as that it gave them vital roles such as judges, prophets but never headship both in the old and new testaments. Religion may advocate women taking part in political leadership of their nations but not as overseers, rather as helpers for they were called helpmate (s) in Genesis. God said it is not good that man will be alone, let me make him a helpmate meet for him.
    Philosophical Approach, Religion, Women Leadership Question