Katarzyna Sadowa, “Honour” Killings in Europe as an Effect of Migration Process - Perspective for Poland, ILSHS Volume 58, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 58)
    In this paper the author analyses the phenomenon of so-called honour killings as an actual problem of European countries. The author shows that the issue is present in Europe as the result of immigration process and simultaneity is far from resolving. Moreover, while there is a great risk of its’ increase, the proper combating measures are needed. As the author comes from Poland, the main aim of the publication is to stress that the problem of “honour” killings and wider -“honour” based violence is a growing threat to this country. Therefore, adequate strategy preventing the issue should be prepare now.Firstly, the author shortly characterizes the issue by providing proper definition and demonstrates its scale. The of the actual problem of “honour” killings in Europe is described especially by analysing the causal link between the immigration process and honour based violence. The second part of the publication contains the analysis of United Kingdom’s strategy for fighting against “honour” based acts and its evaluation as an example of well-developed preventing measures. Finally, the author examines the recent Polish cases of “honour” killings and shows the risk of their growing impact on Polish society and law that justifies taking immediate steps (creating adequate strategy) to deter the increase of the problem.
    “Honour” Killings, European Muslim’s Minority, Strategy for Poland, Violence, Women’s Rights