Suzanne Menhem, The Migration of Qualified Lebanese Women to France, Volume 58, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 58)
    Lebanon is defined as a country of emigration and immigration. Whereas previously, emigration was considered a male migration. Gradually, in recent years emigration has evolved and is becoming feminine also. Independent female migration is a growing phenomenon in the Lebanese society although men still play an important role in the migration project.In the past, women were emigrating most often in the context of family reunification, accompanying their husbands to join a member of their families. The majority of migrant women today are leaving the country for so many reasons (further education, work, etc.) and not only to join their husbands. This article examines highly skilled female migration from Lebanon.In France, the migration of skilled workers from Lebanon has experienced very rapid growth in the last decade. However, female migration does not seem to have been the subject of a sociological reading. The study includes qualitative analysis of twenty five cases studied of Lebanese skilled migrant women in France, especially a university degree or equivalent (nurses, architects, teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, researchers ...) who were not married or go join their family when they have emigrated, and they have a good command of French language, and who were not dual nationality holders.This article aims to fill some gaps in this area, examining the reasons for change: migration path, the link with the country of origin, the impact of female migration on their personal, social, cultural and family, their return project, exchanges on the remittances levels, career transition path and entrepreneurship, adaptations, their social networks, their identity reconstruction, etc. Besides, there are also non-measurable aspects noted as the autonomy of women to discuss.
    Autonomy, Female Migration, France, Highly Skilled Migration, Lebanon, Migration Trajectories, Profeesion