Shahram Mohamadkhani, Farid Asyabani, Effectiveness of "Psychosocial Strengthening Program" on Risk and Protective Factors of Drug Use and Increasing of Psychological Health among High Risk Adolescents, ILSHS Volume 57, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 57)
    In the present research Effectiveness of "Psychosocial Strengthening Program" On Risk and Protective Factors of drug use and increasing of psychological health among high risk Adolescents has been investigated. The considering sample in the research was 30 students of first grade of Sanandaj's guidance school who has been selected by multi-stages cluster sampling method and were replaced in two groups of experiment (n=15) and control (n=15). The experiment group students attended in Psychosocial Strengthening Program training sessions but the control group students didn’t so. Two groups were compared through using Risk and Protective Factors of drug use questionnaire and psychological healthy questionnaire based on covariance analyze statistic test.The present research findings show that there is a meaning full difference between the student's attitude high risk related to drug us, social skills, self-controlling skills and psychological health before and after Psychosocial Strengthening Program training. The statistical analyzes show that Psychosocial Strengthening Program training has been effective on the positive attitude toward drug use. Low social skills and low self-controlling skills as the drug us risky factors and psychological health. Therefore it seems this program as a protective factor causes drug us decreasing and psychological health increasing among high risk Adolescents in coming years.
    Drug us, High Risk Adolescents, Protective Factors, Psychological Health, Psychosocial Strengthening Program, Risk