James Bassey Effiong, A Comparative Study of Valuation Variance and Accuracy between Nigeria and UK, ILSHS Volume 57, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 57)
    The study compared the level of valuation variance and inaccuracy between Nigeria and UK. In order to achieve the aim for the study, a survey method was employed using questionnaire administered on respondent estate surveyors and valuers in Calabar and Uyo metropolises. The study surveyed valuers opinions on the existence of valuation variance and inaccuracy, the possible causes and the margin of valuation error and data collected through questionnaire was analyzed using descriptive statistics to find the mean score, standard deviation and percentages. The findings from the study show that valuation variance and inaccuracy is high in Nigeria as compared to UK. The possible causes include lack of standards, lack of market data/comparables, lack of regulatory framework, methods/bases of valuation adopted, client’s influence, inadequate training of valuers, imperfect knowledge of the property market, wrong assumptions on cost per square metre, lack of professional experience as well as failure to discipline valuers on cases of negligence with lack of standards ranked first with the highest frequency and mean score. The study concluded by recommending the creation of a central property database, adopting/enforcement of international valuation standards, enforcement of disciplinary measures for erring members on negligence and a defined acceptable margin of valuation error.
    Accuracy, Causes, Inaccuracy, Nigeria, Standards, Valuation, Variance