Iftkhar Ahmad, Nadeem Iqbal, Scholarly Study of Primary Schools of Pakistan: A Case of Rajanpur District, ILSHS Volume 57, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 57)
    The fundamental subject of the education is the serious investigation of primary schools of Tehsil Jampur (Pakistan). The study constructed on most important and less important bases. Principal information collected from blood relation, colonels, educators and scholars over opinion, survey, and consultation implements however subordinate statistics by go through collected works. A model of 200 scholars, 100 educators, 100 parentages and 30 colonels are a selection of by implementing stratified accidental sample enterprise. Qualitative and measurable skills used for the exploration of information. It is initiate that mainstream of the Supervision primary schools do not have suitable school structure and other elementary accommodations. Program of education is not absolute presented and employed in such departments. There is silent an argument on moderate of lessons between investors. The waster percentage is swelling therefore future and investigation is quite a challenge. The performance of educators and scholars remains improper. Parentages do not demonstration any attentiveness in the matters of institutes. Moreover, colonel seldom duty call and administer Control region primary schools. Going on origin of the conclusions, the object is round off with endorsements given at the end of paper.
    Fall out, Moderate of Lessons, Presentation, Supervision Primary Institutes, Syllabus