Claudiu Marian Bunăiașu, Developing Programs of Intercultural Education with Regard to the Inclusive Education's Values, ILSHS Volume 57, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 57)
    Both the intercultural education and inclusive education represent dimensions of the "new education", which approach the values of European conscience and contemporary society's complex issue, as part of the intercultural communication and social inclusion. These dimensions have specific issues, but also convergence points, as far as the finalities, as well as the means of achieving are regarded. The programs of intercultural education represent this kind of means, which facilitate accomplishing "education for all" purposes. The research's premises analyze intercultural competences' development, in order to comprehensively approach the inclusive education and argues legitimacy and the opportunity of investigation. The second part of the article presents the research, regarding the topic's impact and the modalities in order to develop and implement the intercultural education programs, which approach the values of social inclusion. The main investigation tool is represented by the questionnaire, which has been applied to a sample of 100 subjects (didactic staff, students). After systematizing the results of the research, there have been revealed subjects' perceptions, efficient modalities and types of programs that promote inclusive education's values.
    Comprehensively Approach the Inclusive Education, Education for all, Inclusive Education, Intercultural Curriculum, Intercultural Education