Iuliana Vintila, Irina Odagiu, Food Behaviour Correlated with Societal Influences and Health, Emotional & Intellectual Status in a Romanian Students Population, ILSHS Volume 56, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 56)
    Input data from Students Food Behavior, Preference and Lifestyle Questionnaire conducted with 376 students from University “Dunarea de Jos” Galati was analyzed from socio-demographic criteria. The sample socio-demographic characteristics of the student population beside the general food & eating habits by gender were investigated in Part I of the social research study. The pattern of eating behavior and lifestyle, food behavior influences, self-appreciation of the actual impact on the healthy, emotional & intellectual status and intention of food behavior change was investigated in Part II. The correlation coefficients between food behavior & lifestyle, societal influences and intention of food behavior change variables were analyzed statistically beside the food behavior variables inter-correlation. A slightly negative correlation between energy intake and breakfast consummation [r (1,3)=-0.049] respectively habit of regular sport making [r (1,7)=-0.070] was reported. Energy intake was positive associated with increasing of Body Mass Index (BMI) [r (1,2)=0.260] and slightly with regular meals [r (1,4)=0.014]. The overfeeding was associated with the breakfast skipping, super-size and over calories meals and sedentary habits. BMI sample distribution was significantly decrease by sport making habit [r (2,7)=0.109] and regular pondered meals [r (2,4)=-0.055]. The frequent snacking and the repressive effect of non-desirable overweight social model disseminate aggressively by friends and media increase the student’s weight control, especially in girl’s case.
    Food Behaviour, Lifestyle, Societal Influences