Cristina Ilie Goga, The Transformation of Detention in Romania: From Exile to Main Punishment, ILSHS Volume 56, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 56)
    The article aims to analyze the evolution of detention on the Romanian territory, during the periods of its transformation from exile to a form of punishment, namely the Medieval and Modern Ages. We noticed that, although there was always detention as a form of restraint of the perpetrator until the application of other punishments and rarely as a form of punishment, the deprivation of liberty in prisons became, only in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the main form of punishment. We will initially analyze the methods of punishment used in Romanian Medieval period and the locations of detention ("mines", "dungeons", "bulk", "hearth" or "monastery") and then, will follow their transformation in modern detention areas.
    Middle Ages, Modern Age, Punishment, Romanian Detention System