Ayyub Abdurrahman, The Use of NSVC and their Effects on SRL, Learning Strategies, and Oral Production, ILSHS Volume 56, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 56)
    This study investigated the use of Native-Speaker Video Clips (NSVC) to teach oral skills in English. A student with medium achievement in English was selected and given the treatment that comprised 12 weeks of recorded practice interspersed with 6 fortnightly oral presentations to the writer that were also recorded. The practice clips were analysed for the types of learning strategies employed, namely rehearsal, elaboration, and organization, and SRL which included meta-cognition, motivation and perseverance, while the oral production recordings were analysed for fluency, pronunciation, stressing, intonation and understanding. The findings showed that she adjusted the levels of use of almost all of HSRL factors following the feedbacks after each oral presentation except elaboration and organization factors, and those oral production skills were improved gradually. The findings revealed that it was purposeful to remove code-switching tendencies in the student.
    Active Vocabulary, EFL Students, Native Speaker Video Clips with Subtitles (NSVCS), Oral Skill, Self-Regulated-Learning (SRL)