Amir Abbas Moslemi, Philosophic (In)Felicity: Protean Narrativity, ILSHS Volume 56, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 56)
    Philosophic contingency embedded in James Joyce’s avant-garde novel, ranging from Aristotelian notion of mimesis to the possibility of a Marxian reading, stemming from Hegel’s dialectic, added to the linguistic pragmatics, pave the way to focus on the process of realization and mental performance by a leading contemporary philosopher of analytic philosophy, J.L. Austin, as an epistemological triggering in the course of implication through a narrative, here Proteus, teleologically speaking, resulting a meta-utterance in a broader scale, much far from constative type, a metaphorical narration, elaborating on cultural agency, while paraphrasing the language-based relativity of collective identity and complexity of Austin’s speech act theory, in terms of (in)felicitous conditions, rooted in the success of the communicative intention of the narrator, here Stephen Dedalus, maybe the most wonderful advanced guard of narratology in interior monologue.
    (In)Felicity, Analytic Philosophy, Aristotle, J.L. Austin, James Joyce, Language, School of ‘Ordinary Language Philosophy’