Ryan Manuel D. Guido, Performance of Students in the Departmental Examination in Chemistry, ILSHS Volume 55, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 55)
    Departmental examination in chemistry assesses the students’ performance between the engineering and technology students and its corresponding departments. The results showed that engineering students marginally performed better than technology students and there are departments that exhibits highest mean score in the performance of both engineering and technology. It appears that students‘ performance has no significant difference because professors offered the same presentation of lessons, reinforcements, and evaluation whether it might be engineering or technology students. Furthermore, it showed that there is no significant difference in interdepartment performance because most of the professors were able to teach the different departments. The analyzation of this study showed that student performance in the departmental examination in chemistry depends on how the professors taught the subject.
    Chemistry Education, Departmental Examination, Engineering Education, Student Performance