Sajid Iqbal, Safdar Ali Butt, Impact of Behavioural Biases on Working Capital Management of Manaufactring Sector of Pakistan: A Non Parametric Investigation Approach, ILSHS Volume 55, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 55)
    The current study aims to investigate the relationship of overconfidence bias, loss aversion bias, self-serving bias and anchoring bias with working capital management. The study used questionnaire and acquired primary data from the companies of manufacturing sector of Pakistan, are selected as sample of the study. The study used connivance sampling technique for data acquisition. Moreover, descriptive statistics are applied by using item wise technique and non-parametric techniques are also applied that supported results with historic investigations and have found significant relationship of biases with working capital management.
    Biases, Manufacturing Sector, Non Parametric, Questionnaire, Working Capital Management