Sajid Iqbal, Saima Nasir Chaudry, Nadeem Iqbal, Impact of Firm Specific Factors on Credit Risk: A Case of Karachi Stock Exchange, ILSHS Volume 54, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 54)
    The current study aims to explore the relationship of firm’s specific factors i-e profitability, ROA, leverage and bank size on credit risk. The population of the study consists of manufacturing sector of Pakistan. The sample of study is cement sector of Pakistan. The sample units are 22 and listed at Karachi stocks exchange. The multivariate regression analysis is used to test the data of sample. The study revealed negative significant relationship of all firm specific factors with credit risk in Pakistan. Thus, the study supported historic investigations regarding credit risk.
    Cement Sector, Credit Risk, Firm Size, Leverage, Multivariate Regression, Profitability, ROA