I. Suleimenov, Jean Paul Guichard, A. Baikenov, P. Obukhova, K. Suleimenova, Degradation of Higher Education in Kazakhstan as an Example of Post-Transitional Crisis, ILSHS Volume 54, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 54)
    It is shown, that objectives of degradation of Higher Education in most part of post-soviet countries are connected with the specific factors appeared at the economical situation appeared at the end of transitional period (transition from planned economy to market one). Decreasing of quality of higher education in such countries as Kazakhstan may be interpreted in frameworks of Baudrillard’s concept of evolution of connection between “The Sign” and “The Reality”; such interpretation directly shows that overcoming of negative trends in post-soviet countries education cannot be realized by traditional administrative instruments. The problem may be solved by taking into account concepts of institutional economy.
    Baudrillard’s Concept, Degeneration of “Sign”, Higher Education, Institutional Economy, Post-Transition Crisis